Our Story:

For Lucy, making things for others is a source of joy. With the help of her job coach in the ClemsonLIFE Program, Lucy started The Upside Down Collection her senior year. With each necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings, The Upside Down Collection shows support for those with special needs and demonstrates that all people can create and contribute.

Our Mission:

The Upside Down Collection’s mission is to shine a light on all with special needs and their often-overlooked abilities. We offer handmade, every day jewelry created with love by Lucy and Sarah. It is our way of supporting all of those with differing abilities and honoring God for all his creation.

Shine The Light

“Shine The Light” is Lucy’s newest endeavor to raise awareness for and donate 100% of sales to organizations that support people with disabilities.

Lucy gives back in significant ways, not only through monetary donations from her creations, but also by creating awareness of who these organizations are that are also doing great work for those with disabilities.

This Month Lucy will be giving all of her sales to ClemsonLIFE. The ClemsonLIFE™ program at Clemson University offers a collegiate experience that prepares young men and women with intellectual disabilities for competitive employment and independent living through a combination of academic coursework and career exploration.

Help us raise funds to Shine The Light on this wonderful nonprofit!


Past Shine The Light Organizations

  • The mission of Camp Cole is to provide a safe, accessible, and inspirational gathering place where groups can connect, share, encourage, and shine.

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  • KIND of the Upstate is a non profit organization that seeks to advocate for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion of people with disabilities.

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  • A collegiate experience that prepares young people with intellectual disabilities for competitive employment and independent living.

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